Car Lock, Alarm & Tracking

Car / Vehicle Tracking

Is your car secured? In the long run, it will be a wise decision to secure your car from theft. Leaving your vehicle without any form of security is ‘penny wise pound foolish’. It only costs less than a percentage of the cost of your car to secure your vehicle with remote controlled security using your phone or through a web base tracking or control. Securing your car gives you a 99 percentage chance of recovering it.

Statistics show that an average 15 cars are stolen every day; 95% of these stolen cars are never recovered because the have no form of security or we were done by inexperienced people or quacks. The purpose of car tracking to find the car with ease after the theft.

We are experts in this business. We guarantee you that your car will be found and recovered. We install the tracking system and teach you how to track it yourself.

Fleet Management

We also handle fleet management for insurance companies, transport companies, haulage businesses and with individuals who own a fleet of cars.

The tracking of the fleets are jointly done by us and the owners of the fleets for purpose of locating, monitoring and controlling the fleets.

The effectiveness of car tracking or fleet management depend on the factors;

  • The tracker device battery back up and
  • The quality of the device installed installed on your vehicles

WARNING: Be careful not allow quacks to do the job for you. Many of them use inferior devices that have batteries that do not last up to 6 hours and the capacitors get burnt very easily. Engage us to do an enduring job for you with original devices manufactured by Tramigo in Finland. We are very trustworthy and dependable in the industry.

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